Change4Life videos

Eat well, move more, live longer

What’s stopping you and your family being healthier?

Not sure if your kids will eat healthier foods or what sorts of activities to do? That’s why we asked three families from Kent to share their experience of making some simple lifestyle changes.

Supported by Change4Life apps and materials, our families help to answer some of your questions about eating well and moving more.

Watch our short videos, introduced by local family GP, Dr Sahota, and see how you can get going with Change4Life today.

Is it easy to get your kids active?

What does it take to get your kids moving more? We’ve been following the progress of three Kent families as they get inspired by trying out a variety of free Change4Life activities and ideas.

Watch our families discover simple ideas and tips to get their kids active with the help of Change4Life and the weekly wall planner (PDF, 179.0 KB).

For simple ideas and tips to get your kids active, have a look at our suggested activities for children and families.

Do kids really hate healthy food?

Watch our families try out the Smart Recipes app to cook up some tasty new healthy snacks and meals.

What’s in your food?

Watch our families use the Be Food Smart app to discover how much sugar, salt and saturated fat is lurking in their food.