Do kids really hate healthy food - Video transcript

Caption: Do kids really hate healthy food?

Dr Sahota: "Hi. I’m Dr Sahota and I’m delighted to introduce three families from across Kent who’ve been inspired to try out lots of Change4Life ideas and activities.

Just how easy is it to make affordable, healthy meals that everyone will enjoy?

To get the answers, our families found lots of delicious recipes on the Change4Life website and on the Smart Recipes app.

All the recipes have easy to find, affordable ingredients – showing that it doesn’t have to be difficult to eat well.

The families used the Change4Life wall planner to plan their meals and snacks. There’s a shopping list function on the Smart Recipes app too and this helped our families when they were in the supermarket.

Back home, the children were encouraged to help prepare some of the meals. Looks like they had a lot of fun."

Four young children are shown eating a papaya fruit.

Voice of parent from of camera: “So shall we buy it again?”

Children in unison: “Yeah!”

As Dr Sahota begins speaking again we see pictures of various meals: turkey stir-fry, apple and banana muffins, prawn jambalaya, baked tomatoes on toast, bang tasty chicken drummers, lamb kebab and rice salad, smart beans on toast.

Dr Sahota: "Here’s just a selection of the recipes that the families made... as you can see, there’s a real variety of dishes and snacks to make and try. After helping, everyone sat down to eat together."

A parent speaks about her experience.

Parent: The children are asking what's for dinner tonight mum?, what's our healthy pudding for tonight mum? so that's quite good."

Caption: How can you get involved?

Dr Sahota: "If you’d like inspiration and advice about healthy eating, why not check out the Change4Life website or the Smart Recipes app. It’s easy to use and filled with fantastic ideas. And remember… making small changes to your lifestyle can make a big difference to your health."

Caption: Download the Smart Recipes app and find 100+ more ideas, hints and tips at