Kara service - Bradstow Court case study

Rebecca Weller is the manager for Bradstow Court in Broadstairs.

The majority of residents at Bradstow Court live alone and are looked after by an onsite care team.

Before COVID-19 Bradstow Court ran two or three activity groups a week, unfortunately due to restrictions the activities have had to stop. Rebecca has seen many of their residents struggle with loneliness due to the lack of interaction throughout the lockdown. However, she has seen that the Kara service has helped immensely, with 9 of the residents using the video carephones to keep in touch with friends and family.

"One of my residents came to see me on Christmas Eve and said she was so glad she had her tablet so she could watch her grandson open presents on Christmas Day. It was wonderful to hear."


Although her staff have never used technology with their residents before, they have all found the device set up to be easy. The devices have been offered to all residents and although some were apprehensive at first, they think it ‘marvellous’ now. With many residents stating that the clarity of the image and the sound has amazed them all.

Rebecca has seen a noticeable difference to one lady in particular after she received her device.

“She became really depressed during the first lockdown as her family mean a lot to her and they live far away. But now she is able to see and speak to them and the shift in her mental health has been phenomenal.”


The Kara devices have also helped her staff too:

“We’ve used it as part of our risk assessment for COVID-19.

I can also undertake my wellbeing checks on the Kara device, limiting people to exposure. The care team also have a device and can speak to the residents, if they need to. For example, one lady just needs reassurance, so she video calls the care team and they have a chat with her and she feels better. It gives her peace of mind.”


Amy, 92, a resident at Bradstow Court and Kara user explains how she has benefited from the device:

“Thank you so much for the Kara tablet, it’s a godsend, it has helped me through this lockdown and Christmas, its different to talking on the phone, to see my family’s faces is just magic.

The support team are great and my housing manager has been very supportive and patient with me while I have been trying to use this wonderful tablet. It’s marvellous and I wouldn’t be without it now. “


Going forward, Rebecca is looking to set up a virtual coffee morning and to run some bingo sessions on the device.

“Hopefully more people will think about using one and we can expand the way we use it. I feel the Kara tablet has changed some of the residents’ lives. It’s brilliant”