Kara service - Lynne's case study

Lynne lives alone and before COVID-19, she used to attend the Bridge Community Hub three or four times a week for activities and volunteering.

She would also travel by bus to visit other community hubs and take part in activities to meet new people. She enjoys taking the community choir, sewing, arts and crafts, music sessions, African drumming and swimming.

"I would do the picture activity board in the mornings and help prepare for the lunches with cleaning the table down after sewing.

I was worried about who was going to help the staff at The Bridge. There have been two staff that have left the service since it has closed, I was very fond of them and would normally help them a lot.”


Although Lynne has a laptop at home, unfortunately it has not been working for a while. By using the Kara device, she is able to use the video call feature which she really enjoys and she has more freedom.

She is now able to make calls on her own and likes to help her friends when they get their device.

“I have lots of calls. I did find it a little confusing at first, but I feel a lot more confident now.

I know we have stretches with Trudi on Wednesday and bingo on Friday. I enjoy the guessing games and the music bingo.

I am also able to keep up with all the news about the hubs and make plans for going out for a walk for or a coffee,”