Kara service - Lisa's case study

Lisa lives with her mum and has attended day services for over 20 years. Before COVID-19, she enjoyed participating in activities such as arts and crafts, choir, and photography, African drumming and sports at the day centre.

Unfortunately, during the pandemic she was unable to attend her regular activities but was very excited to receive her Kara device.

"My Kara device is very special to me.

I like it because I can see my friends and they can ring me up. I enjoy show and tell as I get to show off my colouring and art. I enjoy bird watching with my dad I like to share with my friends and staff the birds I have spotted through the week. I was happy to tell staff I had spotted an owl and show them one in my book, they were able to find the same in their own bird book.”


Using the device, Lisa is able to use Makaton to see her friends pets, where she loves to learn more about them, their personalities and how they're getting on with training.

Staff at the day care centre can discuss with Lisa how she can return to the day centre and plan upcoming activities she would like to do with her friends.

She says that the best thing about the device is that she can use it on her own and that she knows who to call when it’s time for her activities.