Kara service - Arji's case study

Arji has been a support worker for 14 years and has been using Kara with her clients for a few months. She absolutely loves the benefits it brings, and calls her clients a few times a week.

She already has seven clients using the devices and thinks there are another four who could benefit.

"We recently had an Easter party on Kara and Zoom so that our staff could connect with everyone. So many of our users don’t have internet or tech and mobile phones are very difficult so Kara has included those who would’ve not been able to participate.”

Sometimes we have no connections with the family, but now with Kara, you become part of their family.

I have known one of our clients Jason since I started and now I have really got to know his mum too, and support her, as we speak to her every week on the Kara too.”