Kara service - Andrew's case study

Andrew, lives with his mum and their pug dog in Canterbury.

He loves technology and new gadgets, and his favourite pastime is playing games offline on the Xbox and watching films on Sky. However as he is unable to read, he cannot use most technology, such as a mobile phone.

"I love my Kara device, and it has changed my life.  I don’t need to be able to read numbers and names and just need to click on a photo to call my support workers and friends.

I take it in the kitchen as I like to do cookery with Lorraine and art with Barbara. I know when people are free to talk as there is a green dot next to their name. It is great to have so many people on it."


Before COVID-19, Andrew attended day centres three times a week and participated in photography, cooking and art classes.

“I miss my friends and doing stuff, as I have only been able to go for a walk during lockdown. Having Kara means I can speak to other people and do activities on it so I don’t feel so isolated.

It would be amazing if we could set up the pharmacy on it so I can call and discuss my medication. Or maybe I could order a take away or call for a taxi! That would be good, wouldn’t it?”