LED street lights

In December 2015, we awarded a contract to Bouygues Energies & Services Infrastructure to convert out 118,00 street lights to energy-efficient Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs).

Phase one

The project commenced in March 2016 on phase one of our project, starting on the Minor Residential Road Network. Prior to conversion to LED we are undertaking a lighting design for each road, to ensure the road is lit to the appropriate standard.  The conversion works involve changing the lantern on its existing column with a new energy efficient LED lantern.  Almost all lanterns suitable for conversion in phase one are now complete, with a total of 68,000 conversions undertaken across the county.

Phase two

We are now in phase two of the LED Project, which will include conversion of main roads and town centre’s, along with ornate/ heritage style lanterns.  In addition we will be completing any lanterns that were not able to be completed during phase one.  These include areas where we have had access issues, vegetation issues and lanterns on concrete columns.

Due to the condition of concrete columns we are unable to install LEDs on these at present, but are currently seeking funding to replace them.

All work should be substantially completed by June 2019.  This may be subject to change due to unforeseen issues, weather and available road space.

Once complete this will save Kent taxpayers up to £5.2 million per year on our energy costs, based on today’s prices.

As part of the LED project, where we had part-night lighting this is being returned to all night lighting, as agreed at a council meeting on 12 February 2016. This is being implemented in your local area as the streetlights are converted to LED.  Along with the return to all night lighting we are installing a Central Management System in order to monitor and control the lights.

In terms of the LED colour Kent County Council is using a neutral white light (4000k).

If you have concerns with the lighting levels, please allow at least 3 months in order to get used to the new style of LED lighting.

Report a non working LED street light

If your newly converted LED street light is not working, this will be picked up by our Central Management System and we will investigate to repair within 28 days, however if there is a supply issue this may take longer.

If your street light is connected to a concrete column or a non LED light, these are being replaced by new steel columns and can take up to 3 months to repair. All work should be completed by June 2019.

Parish council lights:

If we do not own a parish council light, you must contact them directly to report the broken light.

To report a parish council light please contact your local parish council directly.

District council lights:

We look after and maintain some district council lights, if further works/replacements are required we will need their permission and funding to carry out any replacement works, this can take longer than 28 days.

The new LED's along with a central management system will mean we can:

  • monitor our energy use
  • detect faults
  • dim lights
  • control the time that the lights turn on and off.

You may see the colour of a street light change to a neutral white. LED technology is much more efficient than the existing lights and will help us reduce:

  • our overall energy costs
  • maintenance costs
  • carbon emissions
  • light pollution
  • customers needing to report a faulty streetlight.

We will be working our way through the county based on zones.

Download our zone map (PDF, 220.0 KB)

Find out when we will be visiting your zone (XLSX, 166.6 KB)

Up to 10 work crews will be working on phase 2.

You will see yellow advance warning notice signs (PDF, 166.6 KB) on lamp posts in your road (or roads near to you) about 1 week before work starts. In most cases you won't have to move your car, but it is helpful if you avoid parking under a street light to make access to the light easier and speed up the LED conversion work. On roads where we require vehicles to be moved, there will be signs (PDF, 170.4 KB) posted in advance.

DistrictExpected start date
Zone 1 July 2017
Zone 2 August 2017
Zone 3 September 2017
Zone 4October 2017
Zone 5 October 2017
Zone 6November 2017
Zone 7November 2017
Zone 9January 2018
Zone 9January 2018
Zone 10April 2018
Zone 11April 2018
Zone 12August 2018