Types of roads

We are responsible for looking after all public roads in Kent except motorways and trunk roads.

If there is a problem on a road we look after, report the problem to us.

Highways England is responsible for all motorways and trunk roads across the country.

Motorways and trunk roads

Highways England maintains all motorways and trunk roads in Kent.

Motorways are major roads used for long distance travel. They are generally 2 or more lanes in each direction with a maximum speed limit of 70mph.

Trunk roads are major roads between towns (such as A2, A20) and are an alternative to motorways. They often connect 2 or more cities, ports, or airports. These are routes are for long-distance and freight traffic and are similar to motorways.

Map of roads managed by Highways England

Motorways maintained by Highways England in Kent

  • M20
  • M2
  • M26
  • M25
  • A21 - all
  • A2 - London to M2 Junction 1 (Cobham)
  • A2 - M2 Junction 7 (Faversham) to Dover
  • A282 - M25 Junction 2 to Junction 1 (A206)
  • A292 - M20 Junction 10 to M20 London Bound On-Slip
  • A2070 - M20 Junction 10 to A259 (Brenzett)
  • A259 - A2070 (Brenzett) to East Sussex
  • A20 - M25 Junction 3 (Swanley) to London
  • A20 - M20 Junction 13 (Folkestone) to Dover
  • A249 - M2 J5 at Stockbury to Sheerness

Report a problem

Report a problem on a motorway or an A road to Highways England.

You can either email: info@highwaysengland.co.uk or call 0300 123 5000.

If there is a problem with a Kent Highways owned road, you can report it online.