Roadworks on your street

We work all year to improve and maintain the roads and pavements of Kent. We plan our roadwork programme in advance and give as much notice as possible to local businesses and residents.

Utility companies also carry out roadworks to maintain their own equipment, which is often found under roads or pavements.

We encourage utility companies to give notice to residents in the same way we do. However, if utility companies begin work without notice you will need to contact them with any questions.

Notifying you

If your property or business is affected by our roadworks, you will receive a letter to explain:

  • how you can access your property during the works
  • if any road closures or diversions are needed
  • what the expected start and finish dates are
  • what the site working hours will be
  • what type of work we will carry out
  • what will change or improve.

We will put up signs on the street about 2 to 4 weeks before the work begins.

If the work is expected to only have a minor impact with no road closures, we will not notify residents or businesses in advance.

Emergency roadworks

In emergencies (such as leaks, minor repairs or dangerous surfaces), roadworks sometimes need to happen at short notice and it may not be possible to let you know in advance.

Public transport

We notify local transport providers about roadworks so they can plan their services and place notices locally.

You should check with your local bus provider if any routes will be affected.

How you can help

We understand roadworks can be disruptive. You can help make sure they are finished as soon as possible:

  • make sure vehicles are not parked on the road or pavement
  • take care when driving, to avoid stone chipping accidents to other vehicles
  • adhere to any temporary speed limits
  • avoid non-urgent deliveries or other events needing vehicle access.

If you have any special access arrangements, urgent deliveries or concerns whilst we are working, speak someone on site or call us on 03000 41 81 81.

Find roadworks

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