Planned maintenance

Read our road and pavement programme (PDF, 277.4 KB) to find roads and pavements in Kent that we are planning to improve during the current financial year.

You can also find all of our planned works and road closures on the national database.

How we identify which roads to repair

Regular inspections

These can be weekly up to annually, depending on how busy the road or pavement is and how important it is locally and economically.

Annual surveys using specialist equipment

These include a mixture of mechanical and visual surveys which provide detailed information about the condition of roads and pavements.

Reports from councillors, parish councils and community groups

We work closely with parish and district councils to listen to their thoughts on what is important locally.

Reports from residents

Anyone can report a problem on the road.

From this analysis we prioritise those sections of highway that need to be renewed as well as the areas that are suitable for preservation.

Preservation extends the life of the road or pavement and prevent costly repairs in the future.