Electric vehicles

We are supporting the government's drive to phase out sales of new petrol and diesel fuelled vehicles by 2040.

Discover the many benefits of electric vehicles on the Go Ultra Low website or from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles.

The government offer grants for people buying electric vehicles.

Charging locations

Public charging points are in key destinations such as shopping areas, car parks and service stations.

View electric charging points in ZapMap.

Placing new chargers

We get lots of requests to place new electric vehicle chargers.

We prefer to group chargers together in car parks and off-street areas. We will also work to make sure less populated areas have enough chargers to cover demand.

You cannot place your own charger on public roads, or run charging cables across paths, as this is dangerous for pedestrians.

We are reviewing available on-street charging solutions to see which would be suitable to use on our roads in the future.

Infrastructure grants

The UK Government offer grants for developers of charging infrastructure.

Taxi-only charging

The Office of Low Emission Vehicles has awarded us £180,000 to install 14 rapid chargers in 6 districts for taxis and private hire vehicles to use.

We will start to install these rapid chargers in early 2020.

Electric buses

Buses already contribute to our environmental goals by removing cars from the road, but we believe more can be done. We are working with bus operators to lead the shift away from fossil fuels, and toward cleaner vehicles.

We have helped to organise several electric bus trials including:


The government offer grants for people buying electric vehicles, and for developers of charging infrastructure.