Fastrack Infrastructure Schemes

Fastrack is a high-quality bus rapid transit system operating in the Dartford, Ebbsfleet and Gravesham area. The existing Fastrack network has been in place since 2006 and provides fast, reliable and efficient transport across Kent Thameside.

A programme of projects has been identified to deliver infrastructure to complete delivery of Fastrack in the Thameside area.

It is planned that Fastrack will be extended to other districts and boroughs in Kent. We are working with Dover District Council towards the introduction of a Dover Fastrack bus service.

To learn more about Fastrack watch our video explainer on YouTube or visit the Fastrack website.

Kent Thameside Fastrack schemes

  • Gravesham bus hub: a new bus hub to be implemented to improve the transport interchange between bus and rail services in Gravesend town centre at Barrack Row and Garrick Street.
  • Bean Road Tunnels: a major civil infrastructure scheme to provide a Fastrack busway and a footway/ cycleway linking Eastern Quarry and Bluewater.
  • Bath Street: we are planning a scheme to introduce a contraflow Fastrack bus lane to Bath Street in Gravesend.

Dover Fastrack scheme