Terms & conditions for customers booking a cycle training course

Please read all this information before proceeding with your booking. By proceeding with the booking, you agree with these terms and conditions.

Booking process

  • Your booking is not confirmed until your payment has been received and you have received email confirmation.
  • You may cancel a course booking or amend the date no later than 5 working days before the course e.g. course on Saturday / Sunday, last day to cancel or amend will be preceding Monday.
  • A course fee will NOT be refunded in the event of a customer cancelling less than 5 working days before the course date, or failure of a customer to attend the course.
  • Payments made by debit or credit card will be refunded to the same card.

Information about you

Please see the privacy notice contained within the cycle training booking process.

Event cancellation

  • If KCC takes the decision to cancel the course because of bad weather, instructor illness etc., you will be notified as soon as possible via the email address used to book your place. Your place / course will be re-scheduled at no further cost to you.  Alternatively, a full refund will be given upon request.
  • If a course must be terminated early because of bad weather, a free re-schedule will be at the discretion of KCC based on the duration of course delivered etc.  No refunds will be given in these circumstances.
  • Any customer who decides to finish their course early because of fatigue, wellbeing etc. will not be entitled to a full or partial refund.

Personal declaration

  • I am at least 17 years of age.
  • I consider myself to be fit and able to participate in the course. I will advise the instructor of any medical conditions and disabilities, which may affect my ability to participate, before the start of the course e.g. asthma, diabetes.
  • I will ensure that I have any relevant medication I may require with me at all times and will consult with my doctor in advance if I have any doubts or concerns.
  • I give my consent for first aid to be administered in the event of an emergency.
  • I confirm that the details provided as my emergency contact are not my own, and I authorise the person listed to act on my behalf if required in an emergency.
  • I have made this person aware that I have shared their name and contact number with you.

Your safety

  • I understand that this is a practical course, during which I may be riding a bicycle on public roads.
  • I am aware that I am responsible for my own safety whilst on the course and that KCC is not responsible for the actions or personal behaviour of participants.
  • I understand that participation in the course is at the discretion of the instructors.
  • I understand that KCC requires all participants to wear a cycle helmet whilst undertaking cycle training.
  • I will wear comfortable clothing and footwear, which is appropriate for cycling and potential changes in weather.
  • I understand that I need to have a roadworthy bicycle for the duration of the course and that this will be checked by the instructors at the start of the course. Anything more than basic adjustments and pumping up tyres, will not be completed by the Instructors.
  • If the instructors deem my bicycle to be unroadworthy, I will not be able to take part in the course and will not be entitled to a refund.
  • I understand and accept that KCC is not responsible for any injury to persons or loss or damage to property, unless due to negligence of the instructor.
  • KCC also accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any injury, loss or damage which occurs on your journey to and from the course.
  • KCC does not provide personal accident insurance for anyone undertaking the course.
  • Your bike must have:
    • Both a front and rear brake working efficiently without sticking;
    • Undamaged, unbent frame and forks;
    • Both tyres should be pumped up and in good condition (i.e. no splits, bulges or bald areas);
    • A clearly displayed red rear reflector;
    • A chain that is not too loose or too tight, that is lightly oiled and without rust.
    • Seat, handlebars, pedals, mud-guards and any accessories securely fixed.

See more information on how to stay safe when using your bike.