Kent Lane Rental Fund

The Kent Lane Rental Scheme charges companies a daily rate to work on specific roads during busy periods in Kent.

The revenue is used to fund the running costs of the scheme with any extra revenue going into the Kent Lane Rental Fund for projects that fulfil the objectives of the scheme. These include:

  • transportation – managing and monitoring traffic and works to avoid disruption
  • enabling infrastructure – promoting and providing facilities for future maintenance, access and improvement
  • industry practices, research and development – operational practices, materials and news ways of working for the control, planning and execution of works.

Read the Governance of the Kent Lane Rental fund (PDF, 433.6 KB) and the terms and conditions of the fund (PDF, 3.2 MB) for more information.

Consider the following criteria when completing your application as they will be used in the decision process:


  • Health and safety – the effect on improving health and safety, both for the workforce and the public.
  • Method of research – demonstrate how the research will be applied to the innovation. Set out the approach methodology to how the project will be developed.
  • Wider benefit for all stakeholders – the affect on highways and roadworks on a wider scale.


  • Reduction and delay of traffic – how it will reduce traffic congestion on the road network. Directly or indirect quantifiable benefits should be stated.
  • Cost savings – will the project deliver efficiencies by reducing costs? Savings should be quantified, explain how it will be achieved and over what time period.
  • Improved work practices – highlight any benefits that could apply to some or all stakeholders.


  • Match funding – detail any extra funding already being sourced and this fund could then be matched to this.
  • Timescale – the length of the proposed project and if it will need closely monitoring.
  • Scalability – can it apply on a larger scale across all stakeholders and how quickly can it apply to other sectors?

If after looking at the criteria to apply, you are unsure whether your application meets the requirements of the fund, or you do not have enough resources to support the project alone, you can submit a notification of interest.

Your notification of interest will be sent to the Governance Board to consider your idea, and they will investigate whether they can:

  • advise you of any other companies that would be interested in supporting your idea
  • pair you with a project sponsor
  • advise that you must submit a full application.

Register your interest

Any organisation that has a project or idea can apply.

Please read the before you apply information and consider completing the register your interest form before completing the application form.

We may contact you if we have any queries or require further documentation before your application is considered by the Governance Board.

The application can be saved at any time and a link will be sent to the email address supplied so that you can retrieve the application.

Apply now

Key decisions are made by a Governance Board made up of industry representatives. The board meets quarterly to discuss applications to the Fund and individual board members act as sponsors for applications.

The board will consider the following when making a decision:

  • the expected outcomes of the initiative(s) and their relevance to the Kent Lane Rental Fund objectives
  • current research and projects, including opportunities for collaboration
  • cost-effectiveness of the proposal.

After the decision process, we will contact you to let you know if it has been approved.