Street parties for The King's coronation

You can apply to close a road for a street party and to attach lightweight bunting or flags to streetlights to celebrate the  coronation of King Charles III.

Event requirements

If you have been given permission to host a street party, the event must be:

  • organised for residents and neighbours only
  • free to attend
  • on a residential road (for example a cul-de-sac or where traffic is not able to access another road from the event road) where only resident traffic will be affected.

The event must not:

  • damage the road surface
  • disrupt local residents with music or other noise
  • be on a road which needs to be used to access shops or other businesses
  • be on a road which provides access to a public car park (other than a residents only car park)
  • involve any commercial activity within the road closure area.

You must make sure:

  • all rubbish is cleared up
  • signs are clearly visible to all road users
  • access is still possible by emergency service vehicles
  • disabled drivers can still access disabled parking bays.


Apply to close a road for a street party

The deadline for applications is 3 March 2023.

Events near you

Visit the Royal Family website to find out more about the coronation.