Terms and conditions for hiring music and drama sets

To allow us to provide the best service for all societies, please adhere to the following terms and conditions of hire and care of music and drama sets.

Other societies may be waiting for the set, which they will expect to receive on time, complete and in good condition, so we ask for your consideration of other customers using the service as standard.

Further charges may be incurred if these requirements are not adhered to - see 'charges'.

Ordering a set

When ordering a set, we require an order to the Music and Drama Library via one of our advertised processes such as the online order form, email to librariesperformingarts@kent.gov.uk or by calling 03000 41 06 02. We require at least 30 days’ notice for requests.

Kent set bookings can be made up to one year in advance, and sets from outside of Kent can be booked up to six months in advance.

Collecting or receiving your set

  • Booking charges must be received by the Music and Drama Library before sets are sent for collection.
  • Sets can be collected from any Kent library.
  • Sets can be posted to a nominated library outside of Kent or an individual.
  • Upon receiving your set we require your nominated representative to check that the set is complete and report any discrepancies to the Music and Drama Library immediately.

Care of sets

We request that you care for the sets in the following manner:

  • Permanent markings to scores and play scripts are forbidden.
  • If markings are unavoidable, they should be made lightly with a soft pencil and erased before returning the set.
  • Please do not alter the scores by adding numbering labels or affixing extra bars of music.
  • Do not use sticky tape or paperclips as this damages the paper.
  • The nominated representative of your society is responsible for care of the set and the payment of any charges incurred as a result of improper care.

Returning sets

When you return a set, we require you to:

  • return your set to any Kent library by the due date
  • return sets in their original box
  • remove any pencil markings
  • check the parts against the list of contents before the set is returned and indicate if any parts are missing or damaged by way of a note in with the items, or an email or phone call to the music and drama library (see 'missing parts')
  • ensure sets are returned in the same condition in which they were received, excepting minor handling wear and tear.

Missing, lost or damaged parts

When your set is returned:

  • if a set is found to have been returned incomplete, we will contact the society as soon as possible and allow one month for the missing part to be returned
  • if missing parts are not returned after one month, the society will be required to provide replacements
  • replacement parts must be new, clean and of exactly the same edition as the set.

Should items get lost or damaged in your society's care:

  • a full replacement cost will apply to any lost or damaged items
  • the society may replace the part itself if it is available to purchase
  • in addition to the replacement cost an administration fee of £10 per set will also be charged
  • parts lost or damaged borrowed from outside Kent may be subject to additional fees from the lending library.

We can refer the society to the music supplier Cramer, who handle the ordering of replacement parts on our behalf. Cramer will invoice the society directly for the missing and/ or damaged parts.


Charges outside of booking fees are payable by societies for a number of reasons:

  • Postage: if the society would like the set to be posted to a location rather than collected from a Kent library.
  • Damaged or replacement parts: parts will be required to be replaced at the society’s expense, a £10 administration fee will be incurred and societies may receive further fees from the lending library if not hired from the Kent collection.
  • Markings: pencil that remains will be charged at £10 per set for removal.
  • Late return: if sets are returned after the due date an extra full month’s hire per set will payable and additional fines may be charged by the lending library, this is not from the Kent collection.


Customers must abide by the Copyright Act 1988 and the Music Publishers’ Association Guidelines with regard to restrictions on photocopying works in copyright.

Unauthorised photocopying of scores contravenes copyright law and such copies will not be accepted as replacements and will be destroyed.