The Straits Committee Small Project Initiative

The Straits Committee is a voluntary partnership between Kent County Council and neighbouring local authorities in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. We promote good neighbourly relations, encourage cross-border discussions on matters of mutual interest and seek to create opportunities for working together where it is useful to do so.

The Straits Committee has created this initiative to support local organisations on either side of the Channel to work together. We are looking for fresh and innovative ideas and will welcome applications on any theme where a tangible benefit from working together can be demonstrated.

Projects must involve at least 2 organisations from 2 different Straits Committee areas and from 2 different countries. Successful applicants will receive funding from their home local authority.

We will offer revenue grants of up to £6,000 for organisations in Kent towards some or all of their project cost for projects of up to 2 years. Our Straits Committee partners will offer similar grants to organisations from their areas to take part in projects.

If you are interested in applying please read:

To be eligible for funding:

  • your organisation must be properly constituted and have a current bank account
  • your project must involve at least one other organisation from a Straits Committee area located in another country.

Please note:

  • projects can be submitted at any time. There is a rolling programme of deadlines that are usually set 4 to 6 weeks before meetings of the Straits Executive Committee
  • grant rules and administration processes vary from area to area.

If you would like to discuss if your idea is suitable for the Straits Committee Small Project Initiative complete an expression of interest form.

The next deadline for applications is 25 October 2024.

If you would like to apply or discuss if your idea is suitable for the Straits Committee Small Project Initiative, please complete an expression of interest form. Once we receive your expression of interest form, we will contact you to discuss your idea with you.

If you are eligible and want to apply, you and your partners must jointly complete an application form and a budget form.

For copies of the application and budget forms email or

You should then email your completed application and budget form to

Your partners should also complete the application form, but send it to their local authority in that authorities language.

Our partners in the Straits Committee are:

The member authorities meet up to 4 times a year at the Straits Executive Committee where each authority is represented by an elected official.

If you would like to know more about the Straits Committee:

Or you can contact one of our officers working with the Straits Committee: