Community transport grant

This funding programme is closed to new applications.

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We encourage and support communities to set up and maintain community transport schemes that are tailored to their local needs.

Community-led groups or organisations can apply for a community transport grant to either set up a new scheme or support an existing one.

Applications closed on 18 December 2023.

Additional funding

This year, we have some additional funding from The Department for Transport to support our Bus Service Improvement Plan as part of the National Bus Strategy.

We need to allocate most of the funding to capital expenditure, so bids for one-off costs like vehicles or equipment are much more likely to succeed this year.

You can apply for a community transport grant to:

  • buy a vehicle or other equipment to support a community transport scheme (for example computer equipment, ticket machines, parking facilities)
  • cover the initial costs involved in setting up a community transport scheme (for example staffing costs for the first year - providing the plan shows how the costs will be covered in subsequent years).

This year, only a small proportion of our funding is available to support initial costs. The majority will be awarded to projects who bid for transport or equipment.

Funding conditions

All associated publicity, including vehicle liveries, must include The Department for Transport and Kent County Council logos.

Community groups, parishes or town councils can apply for a community transport grant to either set up a new scheme or support an existing one.

We will also consider applications from organisations or transport providers who are working in partnership with community groups, parishes, town councils or transport providers, as long as the application is community-led.

We will assess your application in 2 stages.

Firstly, you will need to demonstrate that your application meets our essential criteria. If any of the essential criteria are not met, your application will not be successful.

Essential criteria

The scheme must:

  • address an identified transport need within the local community.
  • not compete with or undermine an existing transport service.
  • be fully accessible for all users including disabled passengers.

The application must include:

  • a mobilisation plan which details how it can be delivered in 2024.
  • some form of match contribution – such as a guarantee of financial or other contribution (for example securing volunteer drivers or equipment).
  • a plan that explains how the scheme will be sustainable both immediately after the financial support is provided and longer term.

Other considerations

If your application meets the criteria, we will consider:

  • the amount and type of funding you've requested (revenue or capital), taking into account the budget we have available
  • what transport is already available locally and how the scheme may help to address any gaps
  • what benefit the scheme will bring to the community
  • who will benefit from the scheme
  • whether the scheme is new or whether it improves an existing scheme
  • whether the plan demonstrates how the scheme can be delivered after the first year (without funding)
  • how the scheme aligns with our strategic priorities
  • how the scheme addresses environmental considerations.

Applications closed on 18 December 2023.

If you have any questions about your application, email

Your bid will be assessed against how well it meets the essential criteria.

We will let you know if your bid has been successful in time to make your grant award payment by the end of March 2024.

Funded by UK government

The UK Government has provided additional funding for Community Transport Grants to support our Bus Service Improvement Plan.