Highway pre-application advice

We can provide advice on planning applications that will have an affect on any part of the highway. This can be for a small single building proposal to a large major housing development. We charge a fee for this service.

Requests during coronavirus

Updated 22 February 2021: 

Due to Government advice to work from home and to avoid meetings, there will continue to be an abnormal traffic impact both on the highway network and in the use of public transport.

We will therefore not be accepting any traffic survey data obtained from our network until further notice. Transport consultants and developers will need to discuss individual applications with the KCC Transport and Development Team to find out whether any other solutions are available.

Speed surveys and parking surveys will be considered on a case by case basis.

Future year forecasts will need to be accompanied by clear assumptions and justification of the approach taken.

Request advice

Complete the request advice form (PDF, 140.5 KB) .

You will need to include:

  • confirmation of the existing use of the site, including planning application history where appropriate
  • sketch plans and description of the proposal
  • scoping for Transport Statement or Transport Assessment, if required by the scale of the development
  • any other information critical to the consideration of the proposal at this pre-application stage
  • written confirmation that the charge will be paid within 14 days of an invoice.

As our teams are currently working remotely please email all completed forms and the required information to the below email addresses.

For sites in:


The fee depends on the type and size of the proposal and covers:

  • a single site visit
  • an indication of the appropriate highway policies, standards and guidance against which the proposal will be assessed
  • if requested, a single face to face meeting on site, at our offices or at district council offices
  • a written response within 21 days of receipt of the fee, or within 21 days of the meeting
  • a recheck of the scheme following any revisions.

Meetings will be arranged within 10 working days of our receipt of the payment.

For residential planning permission:

Number of dwellingsCost (excluding VAT)
1 to 5£250 
6 to 10£500
11 to 25£750
26 to 50£1000
51 to 80£1500
81 to 200£2040
201 to 500£2550
501 to 1000£3060
1001 or more£4080

For commercial and retail planning permission:

Gross floor areaCost (excluding VAT)
up to 100m2£250
101m2 to 500m2£510
501m2 to 1000m2£765
1001m2 to 2000m2£1020
2001m2 to 7500m2£1530
7501m2 to 10,000m2£2040
10,001m2 to 15,000m2£2550
15,001m2 to 25,000m2£3570
25,001m2 or more£5100

For large mixed-use development proposals or other complex sites that will require our longer term involvement, a higher fee may be charged. In these situations, please contact us for further information.

With the exception of private schools no charge will be made for charitable and public sector non-profit making proposals.