Advice on your planning application

Advice for minor county council developments is free. We charge for mineral, waste and major county council developments.

Advice on highways matters is also chargeable.

In addition, we offer a free outline technical review of proposals affecting highway assets to help you to ensure that your proposals will be acceptable to us as the highway authority.

Our advice can:

  • indicate whether a proposal would be unacceptable, saving you the cost of applying formally
  • reduce the time your advisers spend on the proposal
  • ensure your application is complete so it doesn't get rejected in the early stages
  • let you know how guidance and policies will be applied to your development
  • identify whether you need specialist input
  • help you engage with stakeholders.

Advice on forms

Call 03000 41 12 00 or email for free, informal advice on forms you need.

Chargeable advice

To apply for chargeable planning advice, please fill out our planning advice request form (PDF, 104.7 KB) . Read the charging guide (PDF, 456.0 KB) .


All fees include VAT:

  • Meeting on site - £480
  • Meeting at County Hall - £360
  • Written advice after meetings - £180
  • Written advice including commenting on a draft application - cost depends on how complex your request is
  • Planning histories and solicitor enquiries - £180
  • Work to do with a legal agreement - £180 per hour

Environmental impact assessment advice

Environmental impact assessments look at the environmental effects of major development proposals.

  • A screening opinion tells you whether you need an environmental impact assessment. All waste disposal developments need one.
  • A scoping opinion tells you what to include in the assessment.

You need to request screening and scoping opinions in writing and provide:

  • a plan which identifies the land
  • a brief description of the proposed development's nature, purpose and possible effects on the environment
  • any information or representation from the developer.

You can also appeal to the Secretary of State for a screening direction to find out whether you need an environmental impact assessment.