KLIS landscape character resources

Natural England Natural Areas

Natural England launched the Natural Areas concept in 1993 as a framework for setting nature conservation objectives. Natural Areas were parts of England with similar wildlife and natural features. They reflected geology, land-use and land use history rather than administrative boundaries and provided a more meaningful basis on which to evaluate the wildlife and geological resource.

National Character Areas (NCAs)

NCAs divide England into 159 distinct natural areas. Each is defined by a unique combination of landscape, biodiversity, geodiversity, history, and cultural and economic activity. Their boundaries follow natural lines in the landscape rather than administrative boundaries.

Landuse Description Units

A national system (or nomenclature) for naming and defining groups of land use and land cover features.

Landscape Character Assessment

The 2004 Landscape Character Assessment of Kent mapped the landscape according to its surviving historic character. It looks at aspects of the landscape such as the patterns of roads, paths and trackways, hedges and field boundaries and changing vegetation and land-use. It identifies the date at which current landscape patterns were established to enable comparison and assessment at either a broad or narrow scale. In some areas more detailed information may be available.

Kent Historic Landscape Characterisation


View the seascape character assessment for the Dover Strait.