Set up a walking bus

A walking bus is a supervised group of children walking to or from school. It's a fun, healthy, and safe way of getting to school and is also good for the environment.

Routes are approved by us and all volunteers involved are police-checked. There must be at least 2 adult volunteers for your route to be approved.

What to do

  1. Request our guide to walking buses by emailing
  2. Read The Highway Code: Rules for pedestrians.
  3. Speak to the school and parents to get support.
  4. Contact the Kent Messenger Walk to School team to arrange a talk for parents and potential volunteers.
  5. Appoint a co-ordinator who'll be the key point of contact for the walking bus.
  6. Ask the school to run DBS checks for all adults involved in your walking bus.
  7. Work out your route, including start and finish points, pick up points and timetable.
  8. Contact us on 03000 41 81 81 so we can risk assess your route.

After your route is approved

If your route passes the risk assessment and the school confirms that all volunteers have passed their DBS check, we will:

  • approve your route
  • give you a map of the route
  • give you identification badges for all your volunteers

You can then contact Kent Messenger Walk to School team to arrange hi-viz jackets, a start date and publicity for your route.

We will review your route every year to make sure it's still safe.