Walking bus video transcript

[Caption] Start a walking bus

Video starts with primary school children running into the playground and jumping with excitement.

A group of children walk two-by-two to school. Each child wears a high-visibility vest and are escorted by a qualified volunteer at the front and rear of the group.

Narrator: It’s time to get children walking to school again and what better way than with a walking bus! We need more walking buses across Kent and Medway and we are calling on parents to become volunteers to help out.

Parent Walking Bus Leader: I see lots of benefits to the walking bus. As a parent working, I can drop my children off earlier, so that I can get to my desk earlier. It’s a healthier start to the day. The children can walk with their friends. It’s a trusted group they’re walking with, to build their independence for secondary school. And I don’t get caught up in congestion at the school gates.

Child 1: I love the walking bus because I get to see all my friends.

Child 2: I like that you don’t always have to go to school in a car, you actually get to exercise to get to school.

Child 3: I like it because you get to see people that you don’t usually see much and you get to learn new things about them.

School Families and Community Manager: Setting up a walking bus is a good thing. It’s a lovely thing, it’s a lovely start to the day for the children. It’s a bit of fun and the children really enjoy doing it. The benefits for the children are massive. They’re learning road safety, they’re getting a really healthy start to their day, the older ones love looking after the little ones and it’s fun – even in the rain!

Narrator: Apply now to Set up a walking bus in your child's school.

[Caption] The Kent Walking Bus is supported by Kent Messenger Charity Team, Kent County Council and Medway Council.