Specialist Teaching and Learning Services

Our Specialist Teaching and Learning Services (STLS) team provides a service for children and young people (0 to 19 years) with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). We also offer advice and training for early years settings and schools on how to meet the needs of children with SEND.

Our specialist teachers are experienced teachers with a qualification in one or more areas of SEND. They work with the other professionals who are in contact with the child and their family to help that child or young person to achieve their learning goals.

We can provide specialist assessments for children and young people based on their individual needs. We will arrange a visit, sometimes more than one, to see your child in early years or at school so we can understand how your child's special educational need or disability affects the way they learn or their access to education. We will create a plan suggesting ways that your child's learning can be supported by both you and the professionals in your child's early years setting or school.

For some children, especially those with sensory impairments, the plan may include direct support. Direct support means teaching the child or young person specific skills, for example Braille or British Sign Language (BSL).

Sensory impairment support

We can provide services to your child if they have been diagnosed with deafness, deafblind or have a vision impairment. To do this we:

  • assess functional hearing and vision
  • support access to the learning environment, curriculum, communication and information
  • provide advice, strategies and training to support learning
    • in early years at home or in early years settings
    • at mainstream schools and special schools
    • at colleges or further education.

Find out more about the sensory support available from the STLS team.

Physical disability or complex medical needs

We provide advice to schools and early years settings to support their inclusion of children and young people with physical disability or complex medical needs.

Referral to STLS physical disability or complex medical need support is via the LIFT or early years LIFT process. Information for physical disability or complex medical needs should be accompanied by a recent medical report, either from therapists, community paediatrician or specialist consultant. STLS Physical Disability Team hold regular surgeries and telephone consultations for advice and to discuss referrals.

Find out more about the STLS physical disability and/or complex medical needs support.


If you think that your child could benefit from our service

Please speak to the special educational needs coordinator (SENCO) at your child's preschool or school first.

If your child already uses our service

You can contact your district team using the details below.