Multi-sensory impairment support from STLS

Multi-sensory impairment (MSI) is a term the Department for Education use for those who are deafblind. It's also sometimes called 'dual sensory loss' or 'deafblindness'.

The team helping you is made up of  3 qualified multi-sensory/deafblindness impairment teachers, who work alongside our other specialist teachers to provide a coordinated approach to the needs of your child.

MSI can affect a child's ability to communicate and access information. It is important to understand it:

  • does not mean a deaf person who cannot see
  • does not mean a blind person who cannot hear
  • can be present from birth (known as congenital)
  • can develop later in life.

How we can help

To support your child, we will:

  • help your child's educational setting staff with communication and independence
  • offer specialist advice on how children and young people can access learning activities
  • offer specialist training on MSI/deafblindness
  • coordinate the writing of an annual MSI/deaflbindness report for your child
  • find ways to support joint planning that encourages inclusive teaching and learning
  • find strategies to help with social inclusion
  • contribute to a planned approach over time to promote independent learning
  • make sure goals and approaches are consistent between home and school.

Request support

Referrals can be requested from your child's school, health professionals, or you.

Request support from STLS