Autism and ADHD diagnosis support

Before you request an diagnosis, we recommend that you speak to:

  • your child's education setting to see how they can support you
  • your GP to find out if there are any health services that can help you and your family
  • local groups and charities who can support you before, during and after your request

If you or someone you know has difficulty in accessing online services, you can visit one of our Family Hubs or libraries.

Kent parent handbook

The Kent parent handbook helps families who would like to know more about autism and ADHD in children.

Parents and carers of children waiting for an autism or ADHD assessment in the Canterbury area helped develop the handbook. It includes sections on where to get help with health, education, rights, and benefits. It also has a list of local and national organisations.

Read and download the handbook.

NHS services

Before contacting your local NHS service you should contact your GP. They can provide you with additional guidance on who to speak to, for example children's health and wellbeing navigators.

Why not visit the NHS website to view a range of autism and ADHD help and advice articles? You'll find how to help your child in their day to day life, appointment support, and moving from child to adult health services.

Whilst the Kent Community Health website also provides information on what autism and ADHD is. Including, advice for parents, useful links for support and referrals and information on sensory processing difficulties.

Charity support

Request an autism diagnosis

Your child can get most of the support they need without a diagnosis. But, asking for a formal autism diagnosis can mean your child can access the right support. It can also give a clearer explanation for why certain things are so hard.

If you want your child to get to relevant support services, we suggest you contact your GP or school first.

Whilst you wait for the diagnosis, any of the above groups can help you and your child at home.

Find out how to request a diagnosis.

Request an ADHD diagnosis

ADHD starts at a very young age and it may not be diagnosed until later in life. Children are more likely to be diagnosed during the school years. Often, this is because they have fewer adult support and are expected to work in large groups.

Whilst you wait for the diagnosis, any of the above groups can help you and your child at home.

Your GP or education setting can refer them to a specialist for a formal assessment. There is no simple test to determine if they have ADHD. But a specialist can make an accurate diagnosis after a detailed assessment.

Visit the NHS website for more information.

If you are an adult looking for ADHD or autism support for yourself, visit the NHS website.