Understanding ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affects parts of the brain which controls your attention, impulses and concentration. It can have an impact on school, friendships, self-esteem and family life without the right help.

The common signs are:

  • the inability to focus
  • being unable to sit for long
  • losing possessions or forgetting where things are
  • starting a task before finishing the previous one
  • sensitivity to criticism or rejection
  • not listening to instructions and failing to finish schoolwork or chores.

Children and young people with ADHD can also:

  • be extremely passionate about what interests them
  • have high energy, with great enthusiasm
  • be detail-orientated and pay attention to the finer details
  • have a naturally curious mind
  • have higher levels of social intelligence, humour, and recognition of feeling, or empathy
  • be very creative and can spot new solutions and come up with amazing ideas before others!

These signs are not a definitive list of every child or young person with ADHD. Every child with ADHD is unique and has an amazing brain!

Interested in watch more videos about ADHD? Here are a few videos that may help you:

If you believe your child has ADHD, see what help is available for you.

Are you an adult looking for ADHD or autism support for yourself? Visit the NHS website.