Independent living with SEND

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As you grow older, you may want to live alone in your own home, by yourself or with others. This is called living independently.

To make sure that you are able to live independently, there's lots of support available to you depending on your needs.

Housing and learning to live independently

If you no longer wish to live in your parent or carer's house, you may be thinking of moving into your own home. There's many options for you to choose from, including supported housing, Shared Lives, council housing and private renting. As well as finding your next home, become independent and learning to cook and look after your home is just as important.

Learn about your available housing options and how to cook.

Your money

Money can allow you to become as independent as to you want to be. It helps you to pay your bills and buy the things you need or want in life. Money comes from having a job, or receiving benefits through the national government.

Learn about what support is available about money and who to talk to if you need advice.

Care and support

If you are looking for care, are a young carer or a care leaver there is lots of support and advice available online. Find out what support is available if you are:

Travelling around Kent

Being able to travel independently is a great way to get to and from your education setting, job or simply visiting friends and family. There are many ways you can travel around Kent and the rest of the UK. Whether you are using a bus, train, car or taxi there is support out there for you.

See what support is available for you to travel independently.

Your personal safety

Whether you are meeting new friends, starting a relationship, or using the internet to shop or talk to people online, we all want to be safe.

Find out how to be safe in your day to day life.