Support for SEND professionals

Our SEND information hub is focused on supporting parents, carers and young people, but education settings can also find relevant support and guidance.

For advanced support and contact details, education settings can visit the Kelsi website for all special educational needs and disability (SEND) education setting information.

Standards, strategies and charters

All education settings in Kent should provide support and seek to put provision in place for children with SEND taking in to account their individual needs. As part of our commitment with education settings, strategies and standards have been created to explain how support must be put in place.

Early identification and health notification

Health and other professionals have a legal duty to notify us (the local authority) of pre-school age children who have, or are likely to have, special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), and are not already known to any education service.

They can complete a form called an early identification and health notification. This means that we are aware of children with SEND and can ensure they have access to the right support to be able to access early years education.

The notification form should only be completed by a health professional.

Notify us of a child


Early years settings

Early years providers, childminders and out of school providers, who support pre-school children with SEN can apply to us for the special educational needs inclusion fund (SENIF). It is a statutory requirement, made available by us, to secure better outcomes.

Find out more about SENIF.

Schools and colleges

Schools and colleges can apply for high needs funding if they need financial support to help deliver the support they need to for your child or young person.

Find out more about high needs funding.