SEND Co-production Charter

The SEND Co-production Charter was created with the help of children and young people to allow for their voice to always be heard.

The main message focuses on everyone, no matter what their age is, coming together from the start to work collaboratively as equal partners, communicating and listening in a respectful manner to achieve the best possible outcome for everybody.

Download and print the SEND Co-production Charter (PDF, 791.1 KB)

The message of the charter

The charter is split into five messages:


  • We will be an equal partnership with families.
  • The child is central to decisions and plans.
  • The needs of the child will be the focus not the process.
  • Plans and pathways of options and possibilities will be shared.
  • Support and information will be provided to navigate the process/pathway.
  • Current information, advice and guidance will be understandable, accessible and provided at the right time and in the right place (local offer).


  • Families will know who is involved, what their role is and what is expected.
  • Practitioners will fulfil responsibilities, acknowledge mistakes and take prompt action to rectify them.
  • Information is available when it is needed including the complaints procedure.
  • Contact details on all communication including the local offer are up to date.


  • We will share ambitious goals and plans for children and young people.
  • Focus on strengths and what children and young people can do.
  • Build valued and trusting relationships that connect with children and young people to support them to grow and develop and recognise that this means spending time with families.
  • Families and practitioners will work together and learn together.


  • Actively listen, acknowledge and understand what is needed.
  • Trust and value families' viewpoints and lived experience.
  • Provide consistent and reliable messages about the service and support
  • Be professional.
  • Be transparent with all information.
  • Be open in all communication.
  • Be honest in response.


  • Respect everyone as an individual.
  • Recognise, celebrate and accept differences in every individual and family.
  • Every child and young person will have support to thrive and succeed.

Working with young people

We want young people to engage, participate and co-produce with us. We are committed to making sure our projects will be easily understandable for all.

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