Moving from secondary to post 16 education settings

Moving into the later stages of education (after year 11) can be an exciting and anxious time for a young person. But you can find the support you need in these pages, whether it is help through this transition or ways to get ready for adulthood as early as possible.

Annual review

Getting ready for adulthood is a big part of the annual review process for young people with education, health and care (EHC) plans.

The annual review meeting happens a year before they move into the later stages of education. At this meeting, the young person can let us know any preferences for moving into post-16 education. Once they have told us, their EHC plan will be updated by 31 March for the new term in September of that year.

Schools will help your young person to plan and prepare as early as possible.

Find out more about the annual review process.

Independent careers guidance

All young people should get careers advice in year 10, to help them get ready for the last year of school. The advice can help them decide whether they wish to apply for:

Carers advisors should note that any decisions or choices by the young person should be flexible, as over time their ideas and choices may change.

Education and employment support

From Year 9 onwards, it is a good idea for young people  to talk to a trusted adult about who they want to be when they're older, and what they want to do.