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Join our local offer feedback group

How to make a complaint about SEND services.

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Many of you told us that you found it hard to work out how to contact us. We took this on board, did more research and have now made some improvements to the web pages such as changing the layout of the information and providing more phone numbers.

Assessments and EHCPs

You asked for better information about how to request a formal assessment of special educational needs and disabilities (an EHCP assessment). In response, we've rewritten some of the website information and changed what it looks like. We'll be testing the new content to make sure that it's working.

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Local Offer Steering Group

One of the ways we gather your feedback is through our steering Group. We discuss your feedback at the meetings and agree what action we should take.

Read a summary of the changes we have made (PDF, 178.3 KB) and our full action plan (PDF, 144.1 KB).

Read more about what the group does in our terms of reference (PDF, 17.5 KB).

A local offer gives children and young people with special educational needs or disabilities and their families information about what support services will be available in their area. The name 'local offer' was given by the government.

Every local authority must talk with children and young people with special educational needs or disabilities and their families to find out what sort of support and services they need. There will be many different types of services that children and young people may need, including support services in school and specialist health services.

Children, young people and their families may also have ideas about what leisure activities should be available, and what services are needed to help young people move towards independence in adulthood.

Every local authority must have a local offer that is available on the internet and must make sure that people without access to the internet can also see it. The local authority must tell children and young people and their families how they can find out more about the local offer. The local authority will then decide what services to make available.

Every local authority must get feedback on its local offer from young people and their families. They must show what feedback they have been given and say how they are going to make improvements to the local offer and services.

A local offer should also include information about what transport services are available for children and young people with special educational needs or disabilities and if there is any help available to pay for these services.

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