Learning disability annual health checks

People with a learning disability sometimes do not realise that they have a health problem, and this could put them at risk of serious long-term illnesses, such as poorer physical and mental health. An annual health check can improve a young person's health by spotting problems earlier, and can help to:

  • learn new ways of how to look after themselves
  • become independent and healthy
  • detect illnesses before they become serious
  • ask for help and advice.

Anyone over the age of 14 with a learning disability is entitled to an annual health check.

Book an appointment

To book an annual health check you should talk to your doctor (GP) and make sure you, or the person you care for, is on the Learning Disability Register. After that you can make an appointment by phoning or visiting your surgery.

If your surgery does not do annual health checks, ask them to arrange an appointment at a nearby practice who can see you instead. Alternatively you can ask your local community learning disability team for advice. They should be able to help you arrange an annual health check.

People with a learning disability need to take care of their health and have regular health support to make sure they stay as healthy as possible, therefore we advise not to wait for the doctor to contact you. If they have not been in touch, you should contact them.

Learn more about the annual health checks on the NHS website.

Alternatively you can download an easy read guide to annual health checks.

Adjustments and your rights

When attending your appointment, the GP should make all reasonable adjustments to make sure that you feel happy and comfortable.

Find out more about your health rights and who to contact if you are concerned.