Ready, Steady, Go, Hello programme

In Kent, you may use 'Ready, Steady, Go, Hello' as part of your transitioning. The programme provides help, support, and address any concerns you have.

You can start talking to professionals about your health as early as 14 (year 9). Your GP and specialist teams should talk about your transition to adult services.

'Ready, Steady, Go, Hello' helps people who have long-term health conditions to:

  • take care of themselves
  • get to know your treatment
  • learn how to ask questions and be involved in your care
  • know who to call and when
  • make sure you're aware of any support networks.

If you have any questions or concerns, they can help. For example you could ask them:

  • what is the plan for my transition?
  • when am I moving to adult services?
  • what adult service can I choose?
  • what makes the adult service different?
  • can I meet the adult staff before I leave children’s services?
  • would it be possible to visit the adult service?
  • are there any young people I can talk to about moving to adult services?
  • what do I need to know before I move to the adult service?
  • when can I start getting more involved in my health care?
  • how will my condition affect my future, such as my education and employment prospects?

Find out more about the Ready, Steady, Go, Hello programme on the NHS website.