Sexual health services for SEND

You can visit a sexual health clinic or call the sexual health advice line, whether you are having sex or thinking of having sex with someone.

If you have any questions about your sexual health, you can visit our sexual health pages where you can also make an appointment to see the health professional. Before booking your appointment,  if you have a learning disability, we recommend you ask for the 'Apple Tree Service'.

The Apple Tree service

The Apple Tree service is there to make sure the adjustments you need are there for you when you attend your appointment.

By asking for the Apple Tree service when you call, the health professional knows you need an appointment with additional time, this is called a double appointment. The additional time can be used to help you fill in forms, provide you with easy read leaflets and answer any questions you may have about the appointment.

Find out more about Apple Tree.

Sexual health services

Free condoms

The Get it! scheme provides young people aged under 25 with free condoms. You can:

Find a sexual health clinic

To get treated for sexually transmitted infections or get general sexual health advice or contraception, visit one of our clinics.

Advice and support

For advice or support about sexual health, including information about contraception, condoms, STIs you can access any NHS sexual health services. To do this you can:

Relationships and sex

Being a teenager and becoming an adult is an exciting time. You may be looking to start a relationship with someone else. If you are thinking about having sex, it's important that you protect yourself against sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy by using a condom and planned contraception.

Every relationship is different, but it should always be based on honesty and trust. Both you and your partner should have an equal choice in decision making and nobody should be asked to do anything they don't want to do. Relationships don't have to be sexual, but if you do want to have sex it should be when you both feel ready.

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