Information for families about autism and ADHD

There is now a handbook for Kent families who would like to know more about autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children.

There are sections on where to go for help with health, education, rights and benefits, and a listing of local and national organisations.

It was developed with help from parents and carers of children waiting for an assessment for autism and/or ADHD in the Canterbury area. Those involved in developing it wanted to make sure families would find the information useful.

Videos of information sessions

Dr. Rachel Hussey, a Consultant Clinical Psychologist who works within the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Service, delivered an information session to families who had a child waiting for an autism assessment.

She talks about why children may see the world differently, or behave differently and gives guidance on how to support your child is the areas of sleep, emotional regulation and anxiety.

The parents that attended the sessions found the talks incredibly useful.

Watch the talks on You Tube: