Request an education, health and care needs assessment

You can request an education, health and care (EHC) needs assessment online.

Parents, carers, schools and young people themselves (if over 16) can all ask for an EHC needs assessment.

Alternatively, the request for an assessment can be done by phone, post or email. The entire process can take up to 20 weeks.

Before you start

Most children with special educational needs don’t need an EHC plan, as most needs can be met through mainstream resources.

To decide if an EHC needs assessment is appropriate we will collect information from you and education, health and social care professionals. The decision whether or not to assess will be based on the information provided.

You and your child are at the centre of this process.

Request an assessment online

The quickest way to request an EHC needs assessment is via our online form.

Apply for an EHC needs assessment online

Request an assessment by post

If you'd prefer to request an EHC needs assessment by post, we've drafted some letter templates for you to use:

Please send the completed letter to your local SEND team.

Get help with an EHC needs assessment

If you need assistance with your EHC needs assessment, speak with your education setting to see if they can support and advise you.

You can get impartial, confidential and free advice about EHC needs assessments and plans from Information, Advice and Support Kent (IASK).