Your KCC Travel Saver

Share the fare with Kent County Council and save up to 50% off the cost of bus travel

How the scheme works

We do not control bus services but we can help you with the cost. The KCC Travel Saver allows you to access a subsidy that reduces the cost of your bus travel.

We cannot control how or if services run, so if you need to make a complaint about a bus service please contact the bus company directly.

Using your pass

The KCC Travel Saver can be used from when you receive it until 31 July 2024.

You can use it on any public bus service in Kent on Mondays to Fridays between 6am and 7pm. Passes can be used in school holidays but not in August.

Bus routes

Each bus company provides timetables for their services so that you can plan your journey ahead of time. Please visit the bus provider's website for maps, routes, ticket prices and any service disruptions.

View the list of participating operators (PDF, 198.2 KB)

Outside of Kent: you can use your pass to travel to counties bordering Kent if the journey starts or ends in Kent. You cannot use it on London buses.

Medway: you can use your pass if your journey starts or ends within the Kent County Council administrative area, but you cannot use your pass to make journeys from one Medway point to another Medway point.

Additional use of your KCC Travel Saver

Some bus operators offer special rates if you use your pass at other times than the Monday to Friday, 6am to 7pm limit. For example, Arriva and Stagecoach will only charge pass holders £1 for any journey during evenings, weekends and school holidays.

As we do not run the bus services, it's best to check with the bus operator before attempting to use your pass in the evening or over the weekend.

Behaviour of pass holders

At all times pass holders are expected to follow:

If you do not, your pass may be taken away or you may even be banned from travelling on certain buses. Read the KCC Travel Saver Terms and Conditions.

Problems and complaints with bus services

We do not have overall control over bus services or bus operators.

The KCC Travel Saver does not entitle any student to travel on a particular service, does not guarantee space on any vehicle and cannot be accountable for problems with the vehicle reliability.

Problems with the bus services should be directed to the relevant bus operator.