KCC Travel Saver

Share the fare with Kent County Council and save up to 50% off the cost of bus travel

Applications are now open, but please read the information below about COVID-19 to help you decide if getting a Travel Saver will save you money this year.

If your child will be using public transport, mini buses, taxis or coaches to get to school there is some new guidance.

To help prepare your child return to school watch our video and read our guidance about how to travel to school safely.

The KCC Travel Saver is a bus pass that can save parents and pupils up to 50% on the cost of travel to and from school.

Applications are now open, and you must apply by 9 August to get your KCC Travel Saver at the start of term. Before you apply please read our guidance to help you decide if you will save money with the Travel Saver Pass this year.

To apply you must be:

  • a resident of Kent (whose household pays Council Tax to a Kent district/ borough council for Kent County Council services)
  • at school in years 7-11, whether the school is in Kent or not.

For most children’s journeys this pass will save you around 50% of what you might pay for an annual season ticket from a bus operator.

Travel Saver applications and COVID-19

Despite the uncertainty around schools reopening and public transport, we still want to help parents with the cost if your child needs to travel by bus. Before you apply, please think about the following:

  • Current government advice is to avoid public transport, so we are urging parents to use alternative transport where possible.
  • If children live close to the school they should walk or cycle, for those that live further away they should consider getting a lift.
  • How any changes to school times and social distancing on buses might affect use of the pass.
  • If you are traveling less frequently, you might not save as much as usual and you might want to consider getting bus tickets from the operator.

If you are going to be travelling regularly then apply for the pass and let us help you with the cost.

Find out how COVID-19 is affecting this year's travel saver applications (PDF, 464.1 KB).

Option to apply later in the year

We understand that this will be a difficult decision to make now.

If government guidance changes, and there are less restrictions on bus travel, we will make a part year pass available later on in the year at a cost that reflects the shorter time you would use it for.

For example, if we were to make a KCC Travel Saver that was valid from January 2021, the fee would likely be £230.

In the meantime, parents can buy tickets from the operator or make different transport arrangements.