What is a Kent Family Hub? 

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Kent Family Hub is a one-stop-shop for support, services and activities near you. There is help for young people, parents and carers. Read helpful tips or get support with your finances, mental health, pregnancy, or feeding your baby. You can find local groups and activities to meet people who live nearby, or in-person support with experts.

Who uses Kent Family Hub?

You might be a parent or carer looking for help for yourself or a child. You could be a young person trying to find activities or support. In these pages on Kent Family Hub and at our Family Hubs around Kent, you can get help for parents, carers, young people and children of any age – from newborns to 19-year-olds, or 25-year-olds with special educational needs and disabilities.

The help doesn’t just start when you become a parent. Find groups, support or learn what to expect during the first 1001 days of your child’s life, through pregnancy and until they are 2 years old.

Visiting a Family Hub in Kent

You can get face-to-face help from trained staff in your community. Just visit one of our new Family Hubs or children’s centres for any of these services or support:

  • health and wellbeing reviews for your child
  • drop-in sessions on feeding your baby or toddler
  • breastfeeding support
  • clinics for expert support on your child’s health and development
  • early years learning and development help
  • emotional wellbeing support for parents
  • parent and family educational courses
  • personal, social and emotional development support for vulnerable young people
  • skill-building and support for young people on learning, working or becoming adults
  • support for children and young people with SEND.

Find a Family Hub

Coming soon to Kent Family Hub

We are adding new support for you and your child over the coming year. You can expect to find more:

  • local family hubs you can visit in person across Kent
  • help in other nearby buildings in your community, like libraries
  • pregnancy and parenthood preparation and support
  • listings of local groups for parents and carers in your area
  • support for early speech and language development
  • help on making a better home learning environment for your child
  • infant-feeding help
  • support for mental health before and during pregnancy, and for the first year of parenthood
  • support for children, young people and their parents
  • parent and carer panels to join and share your views with us.

The Family Hub offer

Kent Family Hub is part of a wider offer across 75 local authorities in England. This is being led by the Department for Education (DfE) and Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC).

Family Hubs across the country will make it easy to find your way around virtual and in-person support in your area. Our goal is to support parents and carers to really nurture children and babies, while improving health and education outcomes for everyone across Kent.