Moving forward for Kent

Moving forward for Kent

Moving forward for Kent is an exciting new campaign launched to help get the Kent economy back on its feet again, and support businesses and residents in Kent.

The first phase is a simple but flexible marketing tool to help build confidence in Kent’s economic recovery. The aim is to showcase how businesses are "Moving Forward for Kent" as the county recovers from the economic impacts of an unprecedented pandemic.

It’s a campaign for businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes to join, and there are a range of free materials for you to use (with more coming soon).

The more support the campaign gets, the stronger the positive economic recovery message will be across the county.

How to get involved

When you’re talking to your customers, employees and communities about the actions you’re taking to get back to business safely, just follow these simple steps to support the campaign:

  • Step 1 – use the campaign hashtag #forKent on your social media posts.
  • Step 2 – use the campaign images in your social media posts.
  • Step 3 – use the phrase "Moving Forward for Kent" in your own communications and marketing.
  • Step 4 – share and support posts that talk about Moving Forward for Kent.

You can download social media image files below for free, and we’ve produced a short toolkit guide (PDF, 128.7 KB) that provides more information and ideas about how to support the campaign in your own communications and marketing activity.

Now is the time to work together to unite Kent through economic recovery with one clear, consistent and determined voice. Be part of the movement.

Campaign images

We have created a range of ready-to-use images for you to include in your social media posts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn):