Help to start a small business with a care, health or community focus

Community catalysts, unlocking potential effecting change.

You can get free help to set up your own small enterprise, or to work self-employed, to offer care and support for older and disabled people near you. Offering extra support to help them live the way they want.

You don’t need to have a professional background in care or know how to run a business, you just need to know what good care looks like to help people live a good life.

In partnership with the social enterprise Community Catalysts we can support you to get set up.

Find out more

For a friendly chat with Community Catalysts about the free support available please get in touch:

Or find out more about our work in Kent and the rest of the UK on the Community Catalysts website.

Benefits of becoming a small enterprise

Some of the benefits of setting up your own small enterprise are you can:

  • earn money, help your community, and work around your family commitments
  • join a local independent network of people who are also making a change in their communities
  • work for yourself
  • work locally
  • choose your own hours
  • set a fair rate of pay
  • help people and be proud of the support you provide.

Learn more about how people have benefited from setting up their own small enterprise.

Ideas of what you could provide

Within your local community there are lots of things people need care and support with. For more information, you can access our directory of current small enterprises.

You might offer help at home, such as cleaning, cooking, help with dressing and washing. Or you might want to offer support in your community for older or disabled people, like an inclusive yoga class, or painting sessions.

You could share your skills and offer support, such as odd jobs, DIY, IT support, shopping, cooking, dog walking, trips out, gardening or companionship.

Find out more about how we are using small enterprises and access additional information.

Support for you

Community Catalysts run a development programme which can:

  • offer you a friendly and supportive point of contact to explore ideas
  • support you to develop your community enterprise
  • give you practical information on regulation, training and opportunities in the health and social care sector
  • direct you to other organisations who can help.

Paying for start-up costs

You may be able to get a small grant to help with any start-up costs. You can still apply if you have already started setting up but have been set up for less than 12 months. Contact us to find out more.

How you will be paid

For people to use a small enterprise, a direct payment must be set up via KCC or payment made via private arrangements.

Learn more about how direct payments work and how they can help people live a good life (PDF, 2.0 MB).