Ordering and invoicing

We have a 'no purchase order, no pay' system. This means that if you don't have an iProcurement-generated purchase order (PO) associated with your order, payment of your invoice will not be processed by our accounts payable team.

Our order number always begins with PO******** and is shown in the right hand corner of the generated order. This must always be stated on any invoices sent directly to the payments team.

If you have not received a generated order from us, you must contact the relevant department to obtain one.

We pay our suppliers via different mechanisms depending on the nature of the arrangement we have with you. Please read below to find out more:

Mosaic payments

We pay our adult social care suppliers through the secure Mosaic provider portal or scheduled payments.

Within the Mosaic provider portal, all relevant information is in one place including purchase order, receipt, invoice, and payment information. For scheduled payments, suppliers will receive a remittance.

If you are required to submit a manual invoice for your service, you will be advised by Adult Social Care where this should be sent to for processing.

For payment queries contact mosaicpaymentqueries@kent.gov.uk.


iSupplier is a secure online portal between us and our suppliers. It allows suppliers to access all relevant information in one place including purchase order, receipt, invoice and payment information.

To use iSupplier, please contact iSupplierQueries@kent.gov.uk.

Other invoices

All invoices processed outside of the above supplier portals should be sent to the payments team as follows:

  • Scan and email as a PDF the details to AccountsPayableInvoices@kent.gov.uk quoting the purchase order number from your invoice.
  • If you have a query regarding your invoice, contact the Accounts Payable query line on 03000 41 61 34.
  • If you have a query regarding your order, please email the requester on your order.

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