Crash and casualty data

Request CCTV data for an accident

We do not record or store any CCTV footage, as this footage is only used in real time. You may be able to obtain CCTV footage held by Kent Police, National Highways or your borough council directly:

Request crash and collision data

You can request basic information relating to crashes for casualty types, vehicles involved and severity of crashes within the last 19 years, via the crash map.

Request detailed statistics

If you require detailed statistics on collisions email with:

  • the exact location
  • the number of years of data required (standard are 3, 5 or 10 years)
  • a plan highlighting the area of interest
  • your contact details.

When we receive the above we will provide a quote. Once full payment is received, the data will then be provided to you.

View crash database technical record fees.

What we record

We record personal injury collisions that are reported on our roads.

This covers road collisions where:

  • someone is injured on a public highway or footpath
  • at least one road vehicle or a vehicle in collision with a pedestrian is involved
  • police have been notified within 30 days.

The personal injury collision data does not include:

  • confirmed suicides
  • death from natural causes
  • injuries to pedestrians with no vehicle involvement (for example, a fall on the pavement)
  • collisions in which no one is injured but a vehicle is damaged
  • collisions which occur off the highway (for example, on private roads or carparks).

GOV.UK have more information on road accidents and safety statistics.

Kent Police are responsible for collecting road traffic collision data for Kent. Each collision record contains over 60 items of statistical data.

Collisions are categorised by severity:

  • fatal - a collision resulting in a death
  • serious - detention in hospital, which includes paralysis, fractures and severe lacerations
  • slight - includes whiplash, sprains and minor lacerations.

Human error is a factor in 95% of road collisions. Based on GOV.UK figures, the cost to the community of a fatal collision is around £1.9 million, a serious collision costs in the region of £218,000 and a slight collision costs £22,000.

For more information read our road casualty reduction strategy.