David Smith

Director of Economic Development

Roles and responsibilities

To direct economic development and regeneration activities, strategy and commissioning, and act as the council's chief professional adviser on these matters.

Key responsibilities:

  • Lead the economic development and regeneration strategy team, advising members and directors on policies and initiatives which will achieve the council's objectives and contribute to economic growth in Kent.
  • Act as the county's key representative with the business community and other external agencies, linking especially with district councils in order to realise employment and trade opportunities and maximise economic benefit.
  • Develop, manage and broker relationships at senior level with key local, sub-regional and national stakeholders.
  • Bring high-level influence to bear on the investment plans of partner organisations, effectively challenging and marshalling available resources in support of Kent's priorities.
  • Drive forward a range of initiatives and projects that stimulate business sectors, working with a range of organisations at local, regional, national and international level.

View the Director of Economic Development job description (PDF, 126.9 KB).

Salary and expenses

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Declaration of interests

Member of Division Association (FDA).

Gifts and hospitality

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