Room for Life

The Room for Life project was based on the Zeeland Living Room concept in the Netherlands. By working with a number of volunteers, the project aimed to find out how we can meet the needs of Kent’s older and most vulnerable people, while providing them with the opportunity to think about and explore options for older age and self-management.

The volunteers took up residence in 2 fully accessible and self-contained flats in Folkestone and were given the chance to access different activities within the local community, as well as use and test various technologies to find out which organisations were available to support older age.

Supported throughout their stay by a key contact, the volunteers had a number of conversations about the different aspects of their lives now and how they might be in the future. Any issues raised through these conversations were worked through with the key contact and, where appropriate, in partnership with community organisations.

From the Room for Life project, a sister scheme has been developed called Home for Life, which followed similar principles as Room for Life but took place within the volunteers’ homes. Both projects were run as part of the Integrated Care Pioneer Programme, with our partners in the Netherlands and most recently under our Kent based Design and Learning Centre for Clinical and Social Innovation.

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