Traffic lights

Traffic lights and crossings help improve road safety and keep traffic flowing. It is essential that they are checked regularly and carefully to make sure they are working properly.

We look after all traffic signals on public roads in Kent, except for any signals on trunk roads, which are maintained by the Highways Agency.


If a fault is reported that seriously affects traffic or safety, we will attend the site within 4 hours and aim to repair these faults within 4 hours.

Less urgent faults should be complete within 7 days, unless they are caused by external parties.

We keep fault information to help identify sites where problems happen regularly, so we can take further action if required.

To report a traffic light fault, please telephone 03000 41 81 81.


Traffic signal inspectors check signals are working properly every 4 months. They check that:

  • lights are working
  • lights are facing traffic
  • detectors in the road surface are working
  • safety systems are working
  • the site is generally in good repair.