LED street lights

We have awarded a contract to convert 118,000 street lights to energy-efficient Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology to engineering and infrastructure firm Bouygues Energies & Services Infrastructure.

Work will involve changing the lantern on its existing column and is due to start in March 2016. All work will be completed by May 2019 which will save Kent taxpayers up to £5.2 million each year.

Our full street light policy is due to be discussed at a council meeting on the 12 February 2016 and this includes an option to return converted LED streetlights under this project back to all night lighting. Further information on this decision will be announced after the meeting.

  • The benefits

    How changing to LED will help

    The new technology along with a central management system will mean we can:

    • monitor our energy use
    • detect faults
    • dim lights
    • control the time that the lights turn on and off.

    You may see the colour of a street light change to a neutral white. LED technology is much more efficient than the existing lights and will help us reduce:

    • our overall energy costs
    • maintenance costs
    • carbon emissions
    • light pollution
    • customers needing to report a faulty streetlight.
  • When and where

    Which areas will be converted and when

    We will start by converting the lights in residential areas, which will take about 14 months, followed by the main routes and town centres.

    Up to 18 work crews will be working across 3 district areas at the same time.

    You will see yellow advance warning notice signs on lamp posts in your road (or roads near to you) about 1 week before work will start. You do not have to move your car but it will be helpful and speed up the LED conversion work.

    District Expected start date Expected finish date
    Ashford March 2016 July 2016
    Shepway March 2016 July 2016
    Dover March 2016 July 2016
    Gravesham July 2016 September 2016
    Sevenoaks July 2016 September 2016
    Dartford July 2016 September 2016
    Maidstone September 2016 November 2016
    Tunbridge Wells September 2016 November 2016
    Tonbridge and Malling September 2016 November 2016
    Thanet November 2016 May 2017
    Canterbury November 2016 May 2017
    Swale November 2016 May 2017