Driving 4 Change course

To attend this course you must have received a letter from the police.

This course will raise driver’s awareness of individual driving skills and help drivers address any skills they have problems with.

The course lasts 2 hours 30 minutes. It takes place in a car.

You can attend only one Driving 4 Change course in 3 years. Any further offending will be dealt with by a fixed penalty or prosecution.

The course trainers have professional driver training backgrounds and follow national guidelines. The police do not participate in the course.

You can take the course in other areas in the UK, just search the police DORS website to attend a course outside of Kent.

Further information on this course can be found at National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme website

Before attending the Driving 4 Change course you should:

To book call us on 03000 41 81 81.

You must provide:

  • driving licence number
  • name
  • address
  • contact number
  • any additional needs.

It costs £85 in Kent. This is non-refundable.

You must bring a full and valid drivers licence.

If you do not have a photocard licence, you must also bring photo identification.

Examples of photo identification can be:

  • a valid passport
  • valid EU or Swiss national identity card
  • citizen card
  • valid government-issued identity card.

If you do not bring your licence and photo identification, you will be refused entry to the course.

Please make sure you arrive on time.

If you are late you will not be allowed to participate. This could lead to a re-booking fee if we can offer a new course date, or your case being returned to the police.

In bad weather, please call us on 03000 41 81 81 for up to date information about closed venues.